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Books arriving from all over the place!

Gifts of books have been arriving for The Book Exchange at various locations in the village, much to the amusement of the postman.

From Gregory Watson in Clerkenwell, London

In December 2009 Janet received a package addressed to The Westbury Book Exchange. Well done our Postman for delivering it to Janet & Ray's cottage in The Square.........



The sender,  Gregory Watson of Gregory Watson and  Company in Clerkenwell, London, had noted something Janet had said in the  Guardian interview.

Your extrememely kind gesture is very much appreciated.





Sent to us by the author, Darlene A Cypser, this book, entitled 'The Crack in the Lens' is a great addition the The Book Exchange

Thank you so much, Darlene for thinking of us.

 From Kath in Taiwan

Kath sent 4 books to the Book Exchange 


From Rosemary in West Corwall

Thank you, Rosemary


 Stogs sent a book from Christchurch, New Zealand

This teenage read is a good addition to the Book Exchange.  Thank you. 







From Author Tracy Chevalier

Tracy kindly sent a copy of her book 'Remarkable Creatures' to us quite soon after we opened in September.  It was borrowed by a passing rambler, who returned it to the Westbury Stores for our attention, together with a copy of 'The Catcher in The Rye'  Many thanks to you both.





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